Shafayab Gostar was founded in the year 2000 as a pioneer private Iranian pharmaceutical company to register, import and distribute top innovative medicines from renowned multinational pharmaceutical companies.

To fulfill market’s demand and requirement it was later, in 2008, decided to create two most updated GMP approved and multinational partner’s certified manufacturing facilities to under license manufacture certain registered brands to secure uninterrupted supply of medicines to Iranian patients.

Having over 175 products registered at Iran MOH confirms the company strength and competency both financially and logistically for which I am grateful to over 130 highly trained and motivated colleagues being actively and effectively involved in various departments such as regulatory, sales and marketing, market access, finance, logistic, HR and etc.

We continue with our commitment and investment in Iran pharma market to secure easy access of all the Iranian patients to our valuable brands.

our value

We deliver innovative products that can revolutionize treatment and healthcare

our vision

To  become  most  valued  and  trusted  company  for  patients,  customers  and  business  partners.

our Mission

We are committed to fulfill the needs and expectations of patients and our partners by applying focused and agile solutions.

Our Team

Shafayab Gostar services to Its partners Is professionally customized according to each principle company standards/SOPs and is provided fully compliant for various functions including:


• Molecule registration and IDL committees
• Brand registration
• IRC renewal
• Pharmaco-economy study
• Data loggers
• Pharmacovigilance
• Compliance
• GMP audit coordination with MOH
• Other MOH affairs

Sales and Marketing

• Forecasting sales and achieving sales targets
• FIFO management
• Dedicated Team allocation to conduct various field activities, flexible and compliant according to each principle company’s requirements/SOPs.
• Continuous training of the sales and marketing team
• Plan and execute all marketing plans, marketing activities all over the country, utilizing marketing materials to secure correct products’ medical messaging.

Supply Chain Services

• Import permits
• Order placement to shipper
• Ministry of commerce registration and approvals
• Hard currency allocation planning
• Shipments coordination
• Customs clearance
• Attending in supply tenders
• Nationwide product availability
• Nationwide stock monitoring

Financial Services

• LC/TT procedure in applicant bank
• Supporting management in making financial decisions
• Supporting management in maintaining a sound capital structure
• Budgeting
• Cash management
• Fund raising
• Banking affairs
• Receivable collection
• Monitoring partners account (reconciliation)
• External and internal reporting
• Financial controlling
• Tax filing
• Payroll
• Bookkeeping

Business Development

• General consultation services on Iran pharmaceutical market model
• Expanding and enriching Shafayab Gostar’s basket

Market Access

• Reimbursement/insurance coverage
• Pharmaco-economy study

HR, Administration and IT

• Labor Law Implementation
• Workforce planning
• Recruitment and Retention of qualified employees
• Employee compensation programme

Production Services

• Employ experienced and well trained staff to carry out and maintain manufacturing steps
• Build up Novartis’s standard QA and QC facilities, team and managements
• Provide and maintain GMP approved warehousing to keep the needed raw materials and finished goods.
• Provide and maintain Novartis GMP manufacturing facility
• Provide correct and high standard size parts
• Provide enough stock of packaging material, such as leaflets, printing material, boxes, outer boxes, blistering foil, etc.